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HEART on Ulitzer, the first revolutionary "new-media" platform in the world, announced today that the news syndication for the Holocaust Research Project topic on Ulitzer has been expanded to include breaking news from news wires as it happens. HEART on Ulitzer was launched on April 9, 2009. The aim of H.E.A.R.T is to inform and educate people about the Holocaust and the extermination programs conducted by the Nazi regime throughout Europe during the Second World War. H.E.A.R.T research and material is contributed from a group of independent Holocaust researchers who devote their spare time to research for the production of this website and other forms of related publications, such as leaflets and books. H.E.A.R.T is run by its trustees and directors, who manage the daily administration of the website, review all research materials, fact checking, and ... (more)

Citizen Journalism as a Catalyst for Transforming Media

New Media on Ulitzer Another incident on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) hits YouTube, and the world is once again asking the question if BART Police are using too much force, the police acted appropriately, or if BART passengers simply recorded a snapshot in time that could be interpreted at a later date. In the recent past, to find out what happened during an incident such as the most recent BART scuffle, you would be dependent on a newspaper's beat journalist to hang around a police station. He'd get a copy of the official police report, perhaps talk with one of his friends on the force, and transcribe what he gathered. Now news and media are real time. You can get Twitter tweets and video feeds from mobile phones, laptop computers, and reporters on the scene with CNN (or other international news sources). In many cases even established news outlets are starti... (more)

Newspaper and Magazine Circulations Will Get Hit Hard By "New Media" Tsunami

New Media on Ulitzer Take a plastic world globe and place a pin on roughly where Silicon Valley is. Then tie a piece of yarn to the pin and extend it to any country around the Globe. With a quick visual conversion, the length of the yarn shows the approximate number of years for that particular country to get hit with the "new-media" tsunami forming in the United States. What am I talking about? Europe and Asia Historically Followed U.S. Two Years Behind Well, traditionally for any technology trend to reach from the United States to Europe and Asia took a couple of years. If we observe the recent "made in the USA" tech trends, let's say virtualization or cloud computing, which we happen to follow very closely, we see a two-year delayed adoption rate in Europe. We also see Asia and the rest of the Far East catching up surprisingly faster than the rest of the world. ... (more)

What Makes a Good Citizen Journalist?

Curiosity is the lifeblood of a citizen journalist Lots of folks ask us, “What makes a good citizen journalist?” The short answer is passion. But a good citizen journalist needs more than just passion. Six proficiencies that a good citizen journalist needs to develop are: Curiosity. Curiosity is the lifeblood of a good citizen journalist. It’s what keeps the mind alert and the stories coming. The mother of a childhood friend of mine once said, “All you boys do is go around turning over rocks to see what’s beneath them.” She was talking about our insatiable curiosity. A good citizen journalist always turns over rocks, opens closed doors, peeks behind the curtains and wonders, “What is all the commotion about?” Situational awareness. If you have this quality, it means that at all times you are aware of what is happening around you. Lots of people don’t pay any attent... (more)

Not Enough Citizen Journalists?

A recent edition of Editor and Publisher, the oldest journal covering the newspaper industry, reported on a study by the University of Missouri School of Journalism that found that the number of citizen journalists is insufficient to meet the needs of shrinking newsrooms. Here is the lead paragraph of the story: Citizen journalism isn’t stepping up sufficiently to fill the “information shortfall” caused by cutbacks in the newsrooms of newspapers and other traditional news organizations, a University of Missouri School of Journalism study finds. To read the whole story – CLICK HERE. Why are there too few citizen journalists? I can think of at least five reasons: It is a new movement. Everything about citizen journalism is experimental, entrepreneurial or totally new-fangled. Because it is new, it has no tradition, organization or universally accepted standards. The... (more)

Common Writing Mistakes Corrected

While doing an incredible amount of editing lately, I've noticed that writers and citizen journalists are making some of the same mistakes. In an effort to cut down on my editing marks, I thought I'd outline how citizen journalist can avoid three errors I keep seeing over and over again. 1) Start your story with the newest information available. Your lead - or first paragraph - should include the news that just happened. That news can - and should - be followed by background information about previous events or developments related to the most recent news. Let's take a fictitious example of a new statewide campaign to protect the elderly that was announced April 28. The campaign was launched because of a February 2011 report that noted a spike in assaults on the elderly. Your story should lead with the new campaign - not the old news about February's report on abuse.... (more)

Citizen Journalists Get Big Bucks and More

Citizen journalism is still being funded and promoted around the world in a variety of ways. Here are three recent examples! IN THE UK: Nearly Half-Million Dollars Awarded! The UK citizen journalism website was recently awarded a hefty £250,000 (over $400,000) investment from "the man behind" CLICK HERE to read the whole story. IN AFRICA: Five Million Dollars Awarded! "On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the Omidyar Network of Redwood City, California, announced the award of nearly $5 million in funding to four media-related groups involved in investigative and citizen journalism in the developing world." CLICK HERE to read the whole story. IN MIDDLE EAST: Al-Jazeera Invests in Training for Citizen Journalists The Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera is offering some tutorials to train citizen journalists in the use of new me... (more) Spearheads Citizen Journalism for Latinos

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- To meet the growing global demand for online citizen journalism, QuePasa Corporation announced today the launch of the first, Latino citizen journalism website on the World Wide Web, QuePasa News Network ( The addition of makes a stronger presence in the Latino multimedia market, and provides advertisers with additional, targeted access to our fast growing and increasingly affluent audience. Fueled by video contributions from's citizen journalists, empowers Latinos to upload video reports covering breaking news, politics, sports, human interest, and entertainment. " provides our members with a real-time opportunity to report and comment on, as well as witness events impacting their lives," said Robert B. Stearns, Chairman and Chief Executive Offi... (more)

Deadlock at Copenhagen Climate Summit

The headlines say it all… “Further commitment needed to break negotiation deadlock.” The rich nations vs. the poor nations. Industrialists vs. environmentalists. And at the end of the day, looking out over the Pacific Ocean towards Catalina Island from Long Beach, the dense brown sludge of polluted air is a constant reminder we are dumping horrifying amounts of human waste into the oceans and air. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says “world policymakers do not have to choose between a clean environment and economic growth.” Schwarzenegger believes people worried about climate change should pay more attention to companies, universities and “ordinary folks” and not put so much emphasis on a multinational consensus. (AP) If you listen to the entrepreneurs and innovators in Silicon Valley, they would tend to agree with Governor Schwarzenegger. Green tech is bec... (more)

Gitmo Comes to Mom's Neighborhood

The proposed transfer by the federal government of some prisoners from Guantanomo Bay to a underused state prison facility in Thomson, Illinois hits home for me, literally. My father was from Thomson, and my mom lives there now. She could walk from her house to the prison in about 15 minutes if she wanted to. Thomson is a Mississippi River town, but unlike most, safe from the river. A state campground borders the river, with the town itself lying a few hundred feet above the river. The Army Corps of Engineers has had a long presence here, digging a channel to widen the river decades ago, and still maintaining a small office on Main St. Thomson is located in Carroll County, the county seat of which is my hometown, Mount Carroll. The county defines the term "rural," with around 17,000 inhabitants, and a single stoplight that was put in a few years ago in the county's la... (more)

Copenhagen Climate Summit Ends – What Did They Accomplish?

"The Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, and other heads of delegation present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen,… Have agreed on this Copenhagen Accord which is operational immediately." And so ends the Copenhagen Climate Summit. But what did the participants agree to? Was it substantial enough to make a difference? Did they silence the skeptics? Will Sarah Palin finally believe Alaska is melting into the North Pacific? German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends the Copenhagen climate summit. In an interview with the German news source Bild am Sonntag Merkel stated "Copenhagen is a first step toward a new world climate order - no more, but also no less. Anyone who just badmouths Copenhagen now is engaging in the business of those who are applying the brakes rather than moving forward." The climate conference ended Saturday w... (more)