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Energy waste is the biggest consumer of electricity in US and it is a serious issue, considering all the carbon dioxide emissions that are related to this wastage. One of the biggest contributors to energy waste is the lights used during off hours in most major stores. In Part I of “Addicted to Energy” book review and on Useful or Waste website I have raised the issue of energy wasted at various retail stores during off hours. In this post I wish to give you a better and deeper insight on the energy wasted at these retail stores. Yesterday, was Christmas day (Merry Christmas to all the readers) and most stores were closed for the holiday. Lucky stores, a major chain grocery stores here in Bay Area, was open for some part of the day but was closed at night. I was not sure of the hours of operation, so I stopped by to see if the store was open. The store was closed, b... (more)

Asia Can Help Lead Climate-Change Fight with Green Dollar Spending

As officials meet in Copenhagen to hammer out a new global climate-change policy, the NGU (Next Generations Utilities) Summit was announced in Sentosa early next year by giants Tata Power and Kepco. Alongside fifty other key Utility providers in the region, the meeting - run by GDS International - was called to discuss the impact of the Copenhagen Conference and to discuss Green Dollar spending in the region. Such large operators are looking at Asia's innovative companies like Suntech in China who have taken the lead in producing silicon-based photovoltaic cells and wind-power pro... (more)

A Cold, Wet Blanket of Politics Covers the Copenhagen Climate Summit

The headlines say it all… "Further commitment needed to break negotiation deadlock." The rich nations vs. the poor nations. Industrialists vs. environmentalists. And at the end of the day, looking out over the Pacific Ocean towards Catalina Island from Long Beach, the dense brown sludge of polluted air is a constant reminder we are dumping horrifying amounts of human waste into the oceans and air. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says "world policymakers do not have to choose between a clean environment and economic growth." Schwarzenegger believes people worried about ... (more)

MDeC CEO Badlisham Ghazali Helps Drive Innovation, Malaysia's Knowledge-Based Economy

Datuk Badlisham Ghazali is the CEO of  Malaysia’s Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).  (“Datuk” is an honorific term in Malaysian society that can be used as a rough approximation of “Sir” in the UK.) MdeC is responsible for the country’s MSC, or Multimedia Super Corridor, as it was known when it was conceived in 1996. The MSC covers an area of about 175,000 acres, stretching approximately 30 miles from the famed Petronas Towers in the center of Kuala Lumpur, through a planned “Silicon Valley” region that encompasses the district of Sepang (and the palnned cities of Cyberj... (more)

Employee Driven Sustainability

Imagine a situation where sustainability is second nature of all employees in your company. There is deep sustainability culture in your company and it shows in every aspect of your company operations. Your products are eco friendly and demand premium prices, your entire supply chain is carbon neutral and cost efficient, your data centers are fully utilized and energy efficient, your marketing is naturally green, and your brand is rated as most environment friendly. Not only this your employees are highly motivated which leads to higher retention and the best talent available w... (more)

Copenhagen Climate Summit Ends – What Did They Accomplish?

"The Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, and other heads of delegation present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen,… Have agreed on this Copenhagen Accord which is operational immediately." And so ends the Copenhagen Climate Summit. But what did the participants agree to? Was it substantial enough to make a difference? Did they silence the skeptics? Will Sarah Palin finally believe Alaska is melting into the North Pacific? German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends the Copenhagen climate summit. In an interview with the German news source B... (more)